2019 Quail

Historical Vehicle Association (HVA) Preservation Award

The HVA Preservation Award recognizes historically significant motor vehicles that have been meticulously preserved and retain much, if not all, of their original mechanical components, body, and finishes. As such, these important artifacts are excellent examples of our cultural past and national heritage.


HVA Preservation Award – 1929 Brough Superior 680 OHV

In 2017 we had top bike purchased

“The Vegas auctions have wrapped and now we get to take a look at some results. Mecum has just come out with their statistics and the one-line story is that 868 of 949 motorcycles were sold (92% sell through rate) for a total of $13.7 million.”

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Smiling Sinless Sale

“Your Buell sends greetings from a sightseeing tour in Russia. The bike is doing well and likes the new turf.” (from buyer)

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