Pebble Motorcycle Judges

Pebble Motorcycle Concours judges Jim Thomas, Tom Meadows, and Somer Hooker look over a second Peugeot 515, this a ’38 model owned by Bryan Bossier of Sinless Cycles

The first documented functional motorcycle – still extant at the Sceaux Musée in Paris – was a combination of a new pedal-driven ‘boneshaker’ (invented by Pierre Michaux in 1863), and a small, single-piston, alcohol-burning steam engine built by Louis-Guillame Perreaux. Perreaux’s ‘steam velocipede’ was patented in 1869, and was capable of 30km/h, as demonstrated frequently outside his Paris workshop on rue Jean-Bart. In 1874 Perraux headlined a paper discussing his inventions (also with three wheels) as ‘a likely replacement for the equine species‘ – how correct he proved to be. 

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